12% per annum
return on your funds
Fund existing asset backed loans for a fixed rate of return of 12%pa. Loans are secured
against assets that we hold in our possession. Interest is calculated daily.
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Fast and easy
turn around of funds
Loans have typical 7 month terms with many being repaid well before that.
When loans are repaid your funds are made available for withdrawal or re-investment.
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Secured against
assets that we hold
All loans are secured against assets that we hold in our possession.
All assets are valued by a qualified and indemnified surveyor in that class of asset.
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£2,589,487 loaned through Saving Stream

471 investors have signed up with Saving Stream since launch
£58,505 available funding remaining

It's Quick

Signing up is a very quick and simple process. You can fund your account immediately and start earning 12%pa on your funds within minutes of your first click.
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It's Easy

There are no confusing statistics to continually monitor. Simply sign up, fund your account, choose a loan and you're done, you are earning 12%pa on those funds.
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It's Secure

All loans are secured against assets that we have in our possession. If a borrower defaults we sell the asset. We never loan more than 50% of an assets value. (70% for property)
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It Helps

Allowing the release of funds from high value assets creates liquidity in the market place. Enabling people to do that securely using your funds can help boost the UK economy.
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Frequently asked questions

How much can I deposit?

Our minimum deposit amount is £100. Our minimum funding amount for any available loan is £100. We do not have a maximum deposit amount, but it is sensible to sign up (for free & with no obligation) to check the loans we have available to ensure you don't unnecessarily over-fund your account. Uninvested money held in your account can be withdrawn instantly.

What return can I expect?

Any funds that you deposit and then allocate to an available loan will start earning you 12%pa from the moment you click the 'Fund loan' button. This is calculated at a daily rate of 12%/365. You will earn this daily rate of interest for the life of the loan until it is repaid at which point the capital plus interest may be withdrawn or used to fund other available loans.

How long is my money tied up for?

Loans terms are typically 7 months, however borrowers can repay the loan at any point. When a loan is repaid, any allocated investor funds + interest are returned to their available balance. Investors then have the option to withdraw funds or fund further loans.

What happens to my money?

Saving Stream is a trading name of Lendy Ltd the OFT regulated parent company. Lendy Ltd uses in house capital to initially fund the loans it makes. Once these loans are live, Lendy Ltd then offers these loans to their investors via the Saving Stream platform to release capital. Funds that Saving Stream investors deposit with Saving Stream are used to grow our loan book, by allowing us to write new loans to subsequently offer back to investors.

Investors should feel confident that Lendy has used it's own money to fund these loans prior to offering them to Saving Stream investors.

Where is the risk?

All our loans are secured against a borrower's asset or assets that we hold in our possession. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, we sell the asset to repay our savers plus their interest. We only ever lend a maximum of 50% of the value of the asset (LTV) ensuring we have plenty of equity in the asset should it not reach its estimated value at auction. We lend up to 70% if lending against Property.

All assets that we use as security are valued by professional surveyors fully qualified in their field and indemnified against rogue valuations.

Any funds not on loan are held in our Client Account with Barclays PLC and are kept separate from Lendy's operational funds

Funds are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

What are the fees?

Saving Stream does not charge investors any fees or commission on the interest you earn. You keep 100% of the interest. Lendy Ltd does charge fees to borrowers when they take the loan.

What do you loan against?

Lendy Ltd makes loans secured against physical assets that we take into our possession. Types of assets vary from yachts and boats to cars, airplanes and helicopters. All assets that we use as security are valued by professional surveyors fully qualified in their field and indemnified against rogue valuations.

How do Saving Stream make money?

Lendy Ltd t/a Saving Stream makes its profit from the difference in interest rate that is charged to its borrowers and the rate that it pays it's investors. We typically lend to borrowers at 1.5% - 3% / month and borrow money from investors at 1% a month.

This margin may seem excessive however the overheads of a) finding such borrowers and b) ensuring the security of an asset such as a superyacht are costly and therefore demands this margin.


It is reassuring to know that if a borrower defaults, Saving Stream can sell the asset and repay my funds from the proceeds."
James Marshall,
Devon, UK
I started off with a few hundred pounds to test the water. I now have considerably more invested in Saving Stream."
Julie McDonald,
Edinburgh, UK
Each month my savings now earn the same as they would do in a year in my old savings account."
Edward Young,
London, UK